Brandon Dcruz

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Cocaine Train Tracks: A Kid, Music, and Antidepressants

A personal story about depression, creativity, identity, and growing up.


LY Marlow

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Why You Should Have the Courage to Embrace Your Passion

If given an opportunity to live with passion and purpose, despite your fears and risks, will YOU do it?


Michael Geffert

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How Do Magicians Fool Us?

The simple secrets and methods magicians use to trick us into believing what seems to be impossible.


Shima Ghaheri

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Design Vs. War

Protecting war-traumatized children by designing modular system of games and toys


Skip Flanagan

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Go Deaf: Turning A Deaf Ear to the Naysayers

A deeper look into the phrase 'going deaf', and how it is applicable to all aspects of life...and how to apply it to yourself​.


Suhail Prasathong

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The Privileged Immigrant

How a heartbreaking story about immigration unearthed the concept of a privileged immigrant.


Gary Stine

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Welcome to We

Why we hide in plain site when we speak in public, and how we can move beyond hiding toward a more useful model.

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Rooted in Latin, Tabula Rasa translates to “clean slate”.

With the hope that our audience comes to TEDxRIT 2018 with an open mind, our goal is to challenge the preconceived notions some may carry with them and inspire them to greater heights.
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